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Guide to Writing Prompts for Writing-related Tasks (Content creation, drafting, planning, reporting, information synthesis) - Part 1

Follow these steps to create a plan spanning from one month to two years. This prompt writing approach works well for businesses with one to ten individuals. For larger teams and more complex task interdependencies, refer to Part 2. Step 01: Consolidate available information, including Company name - Product or service offering - Current customer base - Company culture (if applicable) - Sales figures (if available) Above are my initial bullet points, and you can add more specific details. The more specific the information, the easier it will be for AI to generate responses tailored to your needs. Step 02: Embody the AI's persona Based on [copying all the information you consolidated above] , assume the role of [desired AI role] . How would you propose that the company achieves [your desired outcome] within [specified timeframe] , with [number of staff] and a budget of [allocated funds] ? Please provide 5-10 ideas. E.g.: With the clothing brand AI4WorkLife, specializing in OEM for

How do I teach ChatGPT to stop starting emails with "I hope this email finds you well"?

If you ever ask ChatGPT to write an email for you and notice it starting like this, you're not alone! And a Reddit user asked the community to help them train ChatGPT to eliminate this sentence, and the response from the community was amazing. Give it a persona like Brittany, the customer service representative, or Harry from tech support. Assign them a job and a motivation to excel in their roles via email communication. By utilizing data from more specific types of emails, you can avoid using canned intros and provide a more personalized experience. And if you're unsure, run it through AI for another pass, instructing it to make the text sound less like it was written by an AI. Another user share the long prompt to train ChatGPT, but in short, it's all about "give it limitations, a role, and a format for the email, better yet a sample and then it will do a much better job of outputting things in your voice and style". You could find his long post here: https://w

10 AI-powered Chrome extensions that can boost your productivity with ChatGPT

Discover 10 AI-powered Chrome extensions that can boost your productivity when paired with ChatGPT. From smart note-taking to language translation, these extensions leverage AI technology to enhance your work efficiency. Check out our latest article to learn more!  Fireflies Your ultimate productivity companion! Record and transcribe meetings effortlessly, consolidate emails and documents seamlessly, and gather YouTube videos, news articles, and more. Discover the power of Fireflies combined with AI technology for enhanced productivity. SciSpace Copilot  Your go-to tool for navigating complex research articles! Quickly explore, read, and understand intricate papers with ease. Simply highlight any text or chart, and SciSpace Copilot will provide simplified explanations for better comprehension. Unlock the power of knowledge effortlessly.  AIPRM for ChatGPT Take your ChatGPT experience to the next level with this familiar extension. Gain access to a comprehensive list of prompts and adva

Improve Your Presentation with 4 AI Tools

Using AI tools like MagicSlides,,, and Tome can significantly benefit the preparation of presentation files. These tools offer various advantages such as automated slide design, intelligent content suggestions, and data analysis capabilities. They save time by streamlining the design process, ensuring visually appealing and professional-looking slides. AI tools can also assist with audience engagement through features like interactive polls, real-time feedback, and data visualization. By harnessing the power of AI, presenters can enhance their presentations, improve productivity, and deliver more impactful messages to their audience. MagicSlides MagicSlides is a presentation tool powered by AI that quickly turns your concepts into visually captivating narratives. With seamless integration into Google Workspace and Google Slides, creating professional presentations becomes effortless. Simply provide your presentation topic, desired number of slides, and any refe

A Guide to Drawing Flat Vector Illustrations with MidJourney

Flat vector illustrations have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and clean aesthetic. Creating captivating flat vector illustrations requires both artistic skills and the right tools. MidJourney, a powerful digital illustration platform, offers a seamless and intuitive experience for artists of all levels. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use MidJourney to draw stunning flat vector illustrations. The flat vector illustration emphasizes simplicity and the use of simple details on a flat plane, as well as a focus on color combinations to create a complete design. Typically, it does not utilize 3D effects but instead relies on solid colors without color gradients. Due to its minimalist and user-friendly nature, flat vector illustration is often used in website and app design, as well as in print graphic design. The topic of flat vector illustration is vast, and I will gradually share more in future articles. Today, let's focus on the application o

Draw mindmap with ChatGPT

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT to Draw Mind Maps Mind maps are powerful tools for visualizing and organizing information, making complex concepts more accessible and facilitating creative thinking. With the advent of artificial intelligence, new possibilities have emerged for generating mind maps quickly and efficiently. One such AI-powered tool is ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI. In this article, we explore the benefits of using ChatGPT to draw mind maps. Enhanced Efficiency Traditional methods of creating mind maps often involve manual drawing or using dedicated mind mapping software. However, ChatGPT streamlines the process by allowing users to generate mind maps directly through text-based communication. This eliminates the need for switching between different tools, enhancing productivity and saving time. Natural Language Interaction One of the remarkable features of ChatGPT is its ability to understand and respond to natural language input. By simply describing the d